Fixed lifting jacks UDS-120, UDS-160, UDS-200

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UDS fixed lifting jacks for maintenance operations by Kubanzheldormash Company are characterized by:

  • 75 years of design and technological evolution;
  • 24,000 sets all over the world;
  • 26 levels of active and passive safety;
  • UDS-type fixed railcar lifting jacks can work with any kind of rail vehicles;
  • “Easy to use” affordable lifting solution for locomotives and railcars;
  • 100% testing of each jack;
  • Upper, lateral or rear location of geared motor (electric drive);
  • Mass production of up to 30 sets per month;
  • Stock immediate availability at manufacturer’s price;
  • Worldwide warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Just-in-time delivery of original spare parts.

lifting jacks

UDS-series lifting jacks for fixed placement in railway depots and yards

UDS-120, UDS-160 and UDS-200 fixed jacking units are used for lifting all types of carriages and wagons, locomotives, track machines for the purpose of repair or wheel set (bogie) replacement. Usually foundations for the jacks are included in design projects of repair workshops and depots, so we provide full package of documents for design institutes and coordinate capacity, electric motor location, lift height, power cable layout and required power, voltage, etc. We produce lifting systems for freight wagons and passenger cars, locomotives of different capacities. The main range consists of installations with total capacity of 120, 160 and 200 tons.

Our Customers choose stationary lifting columns with extendable claws for lifting of rolling stock depending on the capacity and purpose, and use them for the following tasks:

  • UDS-200 fixed jacking systems are mainly used in depots for servicing heavy shunting and mainline locomotives, diesel trains, various track machines, gas turbine locomotives, rail-mounted cranes and double-decker cars.
  • UDS-160 fixed lifting systems are the most commonly used lifting equipment for railways; it is general-purpose equipment suitable for virtually 90% of the rolling stock for current repair or overhaul, as well as for replacing bogies upon track changeover. UDS-160 fixed jacking units are used for servicing freight wagons and passenger cars, all types of rail cars, electric and diesel locomotives, open wagons, hoppers and hopper feeders, caboose cars, insulated and refrigerated wagons, and railcars.
  • UDS-120 lifting columns are mainly used in depots and yards for serving head and middle subway cars. UDS-120 lifting jacks are suitable for all types and models of subway underground rail cars.

Fixed railcar lifts require no special mounting on the foundation, so they can be installed in different positions depending on the length of the car frame (using a crane). Jacks are installed in pairs on opposite sides of the railway track.

UDS-type lifting jacks specifications

Parameter name UDS-120 UDS-160 UDS-200
Lifting capacity, t
– installation
– jack
Lifting height, mm 1960 2600
Minimum height of platforms of crossbeams, mm 800
Minimum distance from the track axis to crossbeams, mm 1310
Drive type Gearbox with electric motor
Rated voltage, V 380
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Rated power, kW 7.5
Jack overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm, not more than: 1360x1351x2560 1360x1351x3200 1360x1351x3280
Jack weight (without oil in the gearbox), kg, not more than 1635 1835 2200
Control cabinet overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm, not more than: 530х330х1600
Control cabinet weight, kg, not more than 51
Installation weight (without oil in the gearboxes), kg, not more than 6500 7400 8800
Price $37000 $40000 $45000

* A set of fixed jacking units includes four jacks and a control panel.
* Lifting jacks with extendable claws can be equipped with rear (MA model), lateral (DA model) or upper (SA model) electric motors. Thanks to choice of engine location, jacking units can be located as conveniently as possible in cramped depot environment.

shema of lifting jacks

Manufacturing of UDS-type lifting / column jacks

During 75 years of serial production of stationary TED-30, DT-40, DET-40 and DET-50 jacking units we have accumulated a lot of experience that lets us manufacture reliable and safe UDS lifting jacks for wagons, rail cars and locomotives. Explosive-proof model of UDS for Georgia, tropical version for Libya and Cuba, moisture-proof versions for Colombia and Venezuela, dust-proof installations in India and Mongolia — each Customer gets individual attention and jacks manufactured for specific operating conditions.

At our plant each jack passes the whole production cycle: from foundry to testing. We pay much attention to quality and safety, because the machinery, as weight lifting equipment, requires full quality control over manufacturing of frames and modules at all production stages. In the end of production cycle, each jack is tested under load at special stands, ensuring zero-fault operation of the unit since the first day of use.

UDS lifting columns (lifting jacks) at the lowest / best prices!

Our company is the only plant in Russia which has been manufacturing fixed and mobile lifting systems for rolling stock for almost 80 years. Thanks to mass production of the UDS-120, UDS-160 and UDS-200 all modifications are readily available at the warehouse. Best prices for lifting rail jacks UDS depend on the quantity of sets and additional options.

To buy fixed lifting jacks, please call our Sales Department:
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