Lifting jacks for disassembly and assembly of bogies or wheel sets

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Russian company “Kubanzheldormash” is worldwide leading supplier of lifting equipment for railway workshops and depot yards. We produce lifting jacks for all types of railway vehicles, locomotives, freight and passenger rail cars / wagons. Eighty years of experience in manufacturing of stationary and mobile heavy-duty railway lifting systems for depot maintenance! Our portable and fixed column lifting jacks are used on all continents for all types of rail rolling stock. Our company is the recognized expert in designing and producing of floor lifting jacks for trains and heavy rail vehicles. Over 29 thousands lifting systems for locomotives and cargo wagons are used today in Russia, France, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, China, India, Venezuela, Spain, Cuba, and many other countries.

Lifting jacks for railway vehicles from 7.5 up to 50 tons per column

Kubanzheldormash machinery-building company provides a wide range of heavy-duty lifts and screw jacks for railway vehicles. We manufacture large variety of mobile and fixed lifting jacks for rail-guided  vehicles from trams and light carriages to multiple railway stock and mainline locomotives. We offer stationary and portable lifting systems for all types of rail transport:

  • Fixed and mobile lifting jacks from 30 up to 50 tons per jack for freight cargo railcars, complete trains and locomotives, on-track plants and special industrial applications;
  • Fixed and mobile rail lifting jacks 15 t capacity per jack for lifting trains, track machines and light locomotives, rail coaches and multiple rail units;
  • Mobile railcar lifting jacks from 7.5 up to 12 tons per jack for lifting subway, metro / light rail and underground trains, trams and passenger wagons.

Advantages and extra features of railway lifting equipment for bogie & wheel sets change:

  • 75 years of experience in designing and producing of railway lifting equipment;
  • Kubanzheldormash rail transport lifting systems — 100% guarantee of high quality and efficiency;
  • Heavy structural welded and bolted frames;
  • Electromechanical screw jack hoisting system with ACME thread spindle and brass lifting and safety nuts;
  • Mobile or fixed lifting jacks for all kinds of wagons;
  • Capacity from 7 up to 50 tons per single column jack;
  • Fixed and movable anvil types;
  • Stationary, fully mobile or rail mounted construction;
  • Proven reliability and long-life operation;
  • Highly robust jack structure, irreversible trapezoidal screw / nut arrangement;
  • Maximum flexibility, lifts can be linked and controlled in 4, 8, 12, 16 jacks to perform single or multiple synchronized operating mode;
  • Safety features as phase correction / detection load nut so-called lift nut wear limit detection, full capacity secondary safety nut, lowering obstruction detection, upper and lower travel limits, self-locking lifting screws, self-locking spindle system for operation under lifted load, overload protection, electrically monitored system of nuts;
  • Slim construction for a good free view and access to any part of lifted vehicle;
  • Claw extension, all lifting jacks can be equipped with fixed or adjustable lifting claws;
  • Basic jack configuration can be fully customized to suit the customer’s requirements – lifting height, extra capacity, unique shape of claws, extending anvil, rail mounted etc.
  • Control panel fitted on the column lift or fixed separate control unit placed at a distance from the jacks; radio control available optionally;
  • Kubanzheldormash after sales support, repair parts available within three days worldwide, 12 “flying” technician specialists ready to help anytime and everywhere;
  • Engineered and “Made in Russia”.

PRICE $40 000 without synchronization system
PRICE $70 000 with synchronization system

Kubanzheldormash Co. offers railway lifting solutions and train jacks for any tasks and any capacity. We can design and produce unique lifting equipment for any rail vehicles under your individual needs. We often manufacture customized heavy-duty train lifts,  it’s not a problem for our engineers to design special lifting system to suit specific requirements of our clients. We always try to manufacture lifting systems for rolling stock in close connection with the final system owner.

Kubanzheldormash’ railway lifting equipment is recognized brand throughout Eurasia, India, Middle East, Africa and Latin America as the leading producer of industrial lifting systems for light and heavy rail transport such as diesel and electric locomotives, diesel trains, high speed trains, electric trains, railcar tanks, long-haul locomotives, hopper feeders, track-laying cranes, rail-mounted cranes, rail wagons, trolley wagons, dining cars, double-decker carriages, tour-carriages, hoppers, all types of railroad platforms, railway platforms, insulated wagons, refrigerator wagons etc.

Lifting machines for trains, applications

We design and manufacture a large variety of heavy-duty jacks for all types of locomotives and railcars. Modern lifting jacks UDS and UDP type allow all necessary maintenance and repair operations in railway depots such as fitting and removal of bogies and wheel sets, maintenance and service work, repair of brakes and welding works on wagons’ bodies. Our durable, efficient lifting jacks for trains, heavy locomotives, rail tank and cargo cars set new standards for safe and efficient works within railway depots and yards.

Modifications of mobile and stationary lifting jacks for trains

Actually we produce the following lifting equipment for trains, cargo wagons, freight tank rail cars and locomotives:

Fixed lifting jacks UDS-120, UDS-160 and UDS-200. UDS-120 is capable of working with the loads less than 120 tons, UDS-160 and UDS-200 can lift locomotives and wagons with the weight of up to 160 and  200 tons. Stationary (fixed) train jacks can be mounted on flat concrete floor inside workshop. See details

Mobile lifting jacks with fixed or moving anvils UDP-120, UDP-160 and UDP-200. Rail-guided lifting jacks UDP series are designed to provide reliable lifting of all types of rolling stock in depot / yard maintenance. Similarly, with the UDS series, 120, 160 and 200 designate the maximum weight capacity of the whole lifting set. Rail mounted UDP lifting jacks use additional rails running parallel to the maintenance road inside yard. See details

Best prices on lifting jacks for railway yards and shops

Kubanzheldormash Company has own closed production cycle from foundry to final assembly, so we can offer you very competitive prices. The price for railway jacks for trains depends on quantity, model, options and logistic. We always meet our customers in pricing.

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