Hydraulic rail flattener RGU-4M

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Kubanzheldormash Company is a recognized leader in manufacturing of hydraulic track machinery in Russia. If you want modern, high-quality and productive small mechanization for railway tracks, which is able to fully replace heavy track machines this is our track tool which talks for itself, wherever you are at the territory of the former Soviet Union, you will find track tools with our company logotype.

There is a long constructive way passed from the first  RGU-1 up to the latest version RGU-4M which included in itself all the remarks, complaints and recomendations of the trackmen of Russian Railways who are using these tools almost everyday.

Рихтовщик гидравлический РГУ-4М Hydraulic flattening device RGU-4 with a gasoline engine Honda(Robin-Subaru) is intended for cross shift of a railway track and shunts, laid on wooden and ferroconcrete sleepers during maintenance and repair of the top structure of a track. Engine group flatteners RGU -4M are also used during repair and  construction of  new railways.

    Hydraulic rail flattener RGU-4M (RGU-1, RGU-1M, RGU-4) consists of a metal frame, internal combustion engine and four operative parts(rail flatteners) which are connected to one(single) hydraulic pump through high-pressure hoses. The operative part consists of the hydraulic cylinder with supporting device and special cleats on the sole. Russian hydraulic track flatteners RGU-4M are designed for transverse shifting of a railway during all types of railway works.

    We equip our rail flatteners with Japanese engines (Robin-Subaru) and Italian hydro distributor, integrated in the unified working system which allows with the help of one flattener RGU-4M to perform the flattening even of the railroad switches on reinforced concrete sleepers The old model RGU1M was not able to work with railroad switches

The application of powerful internal combustion engine by rail flatteners RGU-4M allows increasing labour productivity up to 2-2,5 km during a work shift instead of 0,5-0,7 km.

Benefits of hydraulic flatteners RGU-4M

  • Compact and lightweight body construction
  • Productive Honda engine(Japan, Robin-Subaru) 4 kW
  • Reliable hydraulic system, which allows developing great effort
  • Special wheels attached to the body which allow moving RGU-4M on rails
  • Solid and time-proven quality operative parts — rail flatteners which have trouble-free operation due to the use of high-quality high-pressure hoses
  • Special cleats on the sole of the flattener allow to use the whole power of hydro pump
  • One trackmen can easily handle all the flattening works
  • There is a possibility to conveniently place all operative parts inside the body for comfortable transportation
  • Allows performing transverse shifting of a rail-sleeper lattice and railroad switches even on reinforced concrete sleepers
  • 100% warranty and post-warranty service
  • Always in stock
  • Low prices on hydraulic flatteners RGU-4M(RGU1M) by the plant manufacturer
  • We are the direct producers of this equipment that is why are able to offer the best conditions for cooperation

PRICE $2000

Technical specifications of rail track flattener RGU-4M

Parameter name


Rated total force of flattening, kN 285
Rated working stroke of the operative part, mm 100
Maximal pressure inside the hydraulic cylinders of operative part, MPa. 30
Quantity of operative parts, pc. 4
Drive type Carburettor, four-stroke internal combustion engine Honda or Robin-Subaru
Pump type Gear GHP1- D-2-CO-E
Overall dimensions, mm, not more: 350 х 450 х 650
Weight, kg, not more than 120

Technical details are for information only

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